In this post, I will be sharing all necessary steps and components so you can also enjoy playing the old good games in a nice format 😉

The idea for this project is to create a retro emulator console without requiring any specific board with dedicated electronics for this particular model. There is a lot of soldering involved during the building process, but hey! at the end of the day, you can get in your hands a very decent setup for less than 100€!


  • Raspberry 3B+ inside
  • 3.5 HDMI Display
  • Analogic joystick
  • USB C charging port
  • 3000mAh LiPo battery
  • Brightness control
  • Amplified audio output
  • Gameboy original form factor
  • All components, including buttons, are 3D printed

Project progress

This project had several iterations until it reached its mature state where I can say that it is ready to see the light :).

The following two videos show a summary of the two main milestones.

Part list

These are the necessary components, please notice that the linked items are only meant to show you exactly what I used, in order to make sure that the components will fit well in the 3D printed case.



This is a work in progress! Stay tuned for more!

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