2.4Ghz CC2500 A7105 Multiprotocol TX Module

Being able to have several protocols covered with one transmitter is just great since you don’t have to keep a long inventory of senders, each of them with different configurations. Having a multiprotocol TX module installed in your Taranis transmitter will put end to that problem! This is one of those great flexibilities that enables having a transmitter like the Taranis, as described in our previous article¬†about RC basics. The Multiprotocol TX module The multiprotocol module that we are describing in this review is the¬†2.4Ghz CC2500 A7105 Multiprotocol TX Module from Banggood. This module comes ready to be inserted on …

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Getting started with FPV and RC Hobby – What is the RC basic stuff needed?

RC basics

I have been there… and I also see many facing the fact that any one willing to take the first steps into the RC hobby will have to do an extensive research, learn new terminologies, the RC basics and also spend hours and hours reading reviews and recommendations and trying to put all together. If you are one of those that would like to start a build from scratch and you are not sure what is required apart of the model that you want to fly, then this post could be helpful. Radio transmitter One of the first RC basics …

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