Tiny Whoop upgrade – Three mods to improve flight time and range

Tiny Whoop upgrade

It has been a while since I fly with a the same Tiny Whoop setup as I described in one of my previos articles (Tiny Whoop – Build Log and Review). After flying lot of batteries I had the chance to make some impressions and to look for some Tiny Whoop upgrades. The following points were the most important to see how they could be improved: Flight time I would like as close as possible to 4 minutes! Radio Range I would like to avoid unplaned landings because the RC signal was too weak! Transmiter It would be great to …

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Tiny Whoop – Build Log and Review

Indoor Micro Quad Tiny Whoop

Jon Snow would agree with this fact: Winter is coming. Dear drone enthusiast, have you already made plans for ┬ánext winter? Are you looking for an alternative for when weather is not good enough to go outside and fly? Have a look at this micro quad, great to fly indoor and to work on your pilot skills without caring about bad weather! The Tiny Whoop has been around for a couple of months with very good reviews. After doing some research I decided to give it a try. My main motivation for building this micro quad was that were I …

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150mm FPV Build – Diatone Blade 150

Are you interested on getting started with your first FPV setup but you are kind of on a budget? Are you just bored of your current setup and you are looking for new experiences and challenges? If that is the case, it might be a good idea to think about a sub 200mm setup! Yes, I know, the first idea that might come in mind is that such a small quad will be underpowered and it is not worth it. That was at least my first thought as I even considered the idea of building my first under 200mm quad. …

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