DIY 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal for action cam (2/2)

After playing around a little bit with my new Handheld Gimbal, I noticed that there were some things that could be improved. The results were just fine, but there were lot of room for improvements!. Comparing with commertial solution, handheld gimbals usually have a joystick that will allow the user to set a certain offset in so the important things can be kept allways in focus. On the other hand, battery life was a little bit short eventough batteries were still with some useful remaining load. In this second update I will describe the following points How to add a …

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DIY 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal for action cam (1/2)

In this instructable for a 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal I will describe the steps to go from a flashlight to a fully functional handheld gimbal. The obtained results are just great and if you are on a budget, this setup is the right one for you, keeping the prices and complexity as low as possible! Here is a video of the handheld gimbal described in this instructable The second part of this instructable can be found here. What do you need to get started? HAKRC Storm32 Alloy 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal (Gearbest) E02 1600LM CREE XM L T6 5 Modes …

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Tiny Whoop upgrade – Three mods to improve flight time and range

Tiny Whoop upgrade

It has been a while since I fly with a the same Tiny Whoop setup as I described in one of my previos articles (Tiny Whoop – Build Log and Review). After flying lot of batteries I had the chance to make some impressions and to look for some Tiny Whoop upgrades. The following points were the most important to see how they could be improved: Flight time I would like as close as possible to 4 minutes! Radio Range I would like to avoid unplaned landings because the RC signal was too weak! Transmiter It would be great to …

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2.4Ghz CC2500 A7105 Multiprotocol TX Module

Being able to have several protocols covered with one transmitter is just great since you don’t have to keep a long inventory of senders, each of them with different configurations. Having a multiprotocol TX module installed in your Taranis transmitter will put end to that problem! This is one of those great flexibilities that enables having a transmitter like the Taranis, as described in our previous article about RC basics. The Multiprotocol TX module The multiprotocol module that we are describing in this review is the 2.4Ghz CC2500 A7105 Multiprotocol TX Module from Banggood. This module comes ready to be inserted on …

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Tiny Whoop – Build Log and Review

Indoor Micro Quad Tiny Whoop

Jon Snow would agree with this fact: Winter is coming. Dear drone enthusiast, have you already made plans for  next winter? Are you looking for an alternative for when weather is not good enough to go outside and fly? Have a look at this micro quad, great to fly indoor and to work on your pilot skills without caring about bad weather! The Tiny Whoop has been around for a couple of months with very good reviews. After doing some research I decided to give it a try. My main motivation for building this micro quad was that were I …

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Getting started with FPV and RC Hobby – What is the RC basic stuff needed?

RC basics

I have been there… and I also see many facing the fact that any one willing to take the first steps into the RC hobby will have to do an extensive research, learn new terminologies, the RC basics and also spend hours and hours reading reviews and recommendations and trying to put all together. If you are one of those that would like to start a build from scratch and you are not sure what is required apart of the model that you want to fly, then this post could be helpful. Radio transmitter One of the first RC basics …

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150mm FPV Build – Diatone Blade 150

Are you interested on getting started with your first FPV setup but you are kind of on a budget? Are you just bored of your current setup and you are looking for new experiences and challenges? If that is the case, it might be a good idea to think about a sub 200mm setup! Yes, I know, the first idea that might come in mind is that such a small quad will be underpowered and it is not worth it. That was at least my first thought as I even considered the idea of building my first under 200mm quad. …

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